Agenda: Jan 29, 2004

  • Topics:
    Del 1
    Del 4
    Del 12

Agenda: Jan 19, 2004

  • Deliverables (in this order):

    For the Deliverables discussion, the authors are requested to give a short summary of the most important aspects as a basis for discussion. We do not need PPT-Presentations since everybody can print the documents.
    The primary aim of the discussion should be a summary of the most important outcomes of the deliverables for the course of the project - not recommendations of writing style, etc.

    D4 - Content Analysis, version 0.2
    D1 - Portal Ontology, version 0.2
    D6 - Grounding Technologies, version 0.2
    D12 - Blogging (was not submitted up to the time of sending this email)
    D10 - Comparison Commercial Portals
  • Discussion
    - paper: "The Augmented Social Network"
    - short presentation of Collaboration Features by Open University, presented at the DIP Kickoff Meeting
    - Discussion Point: what is collaboration? If we want to work on Collaboration features of (SW) portals, we first have to define what we mean & understand by collaboration. Then we can classify collaboration features, then derive whether & how they can be improved by SW technologies

Agenda: Jan 7, 2004

    - Del 5
    - Del 3
    - Del 6
    - Del 8
    - Del 9
    - Discussion of the strucure of the working group
    - Del 2
    - Journal portal
    - B2B portals
    - Blogging