Deliverable Structure

Final Drafts

D9 Community Portal Survey01-04-2004
D10 Commercial Portal Products31-12-2003
D13 Ontology Instantiation 04-10-2004
D14v0.1 People's Community Semantic Web Portal and Metaportal15-04-2004

Latest Drafts

D1v1.3 Portal Ontology 31-01-2005
     Ontology Documentation
D2v0.7 Workplan 22-11-2004
D3v0.2 Requirements Analysis08-03-2004
D4v2.1 - Content Analysis 229-01-2004
D5v0.1.3 Mission Statement27-12-2003
D6v0.3 Semantic Web portal - Grounding Technologies and Tools Evaluation14-04-2004
D8 Website 
D11v.011 - Groupware Evaluation09-01-2004
D12v.01 Blogging19-01-2004
D15 SW-Portal Prototype: Semantic DERI Use Case02-09-2004
D16v0.2 IST Proposal31-08-2004
D17v0.1 Ontology Management System31-08-2004
D18v0.2 Research Topic Ontology27-09-2004
D19 v0.1 Ontology Comaprison06-09-2004
D20v0.3 Usage Scenarios (Relaunch SW)15-02-2005

Earlier Drafts

D1v1.2 Portal Ontology 04-10-2004
D1v1.1b Portal Ontology 04-10-2004
D1v1.0 Portal Ontology05-08-2004
D1v0.9 Portal Ontology17-06-2004
D1v0.2 Portal Ontology19-01-2004
D2v0.5 Workplan 05-10-2004
D2v0.4 Workplan06-09-2004
D2v0.3 Workplan17-08-2004
D2v0.2 Workplan03-08-2004
D2v0.1 Workplan08-07-2004
D3v0.1 Usage Scenarios17-08-2004
D6v0.2 - Grounding Technologies and Tools Evaluation19-01-2004
D6v0.1 - Grounding Technologies Evaluation23-12-2003
D13v0.1 Ontology Instantiation03-08-2004
D18v0.1 Research Topic Ontology31-08-2004
D20v0.2 Usage Scenarios (Status Quo)16-09-2004
D20v0.1 Usage Scenarios 13-10-2004
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