Mission Statement

It is our mission to create a Semantic Web Portal, demonstrating the maturity of Semantic Web technology in a real application. The technology, which we will develop together with industrial partners, during the course of the project, will be applicable to community portals for different communities.

The two pillars for the portal will be the usability of the portal, both for inexperienced and expert users, and the support of communities, enabling cooperation within and between networks of people. The community support in the portal will not only be support in the passive consumption of information, but also support in the active publishing and collaboration by community members, through consensual vocabularies. Within the portal, we aim to bring together networks of people and to facilitate collaboration between them.

The use case for showcasing our Semantic Web Portal technology will be a community portal for the Semantic Web community, at semanticweb.org. We aim to bring together research groups, research projects, software developers and user communities in the Semantic Web area.

Our technological mission is to create a satisfying ontology management environment needed for Semantic Web enabled community portals and to make extensive usage of Semantic Web technologies for enhanced information processing facilities and to create means for the Semantic inter-operation between different communities and even different Semantic Web portals.

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